Consultations and requests for clarifications

Following the publication of the Terms of Tendering for the Process of Granting Casino Operating Permits, a period of consultation and request for clarifications will begin on behalf of interested parties, as well as modifications and clarifications on the part of the Superintendence. 

These consultations can be registered on the part of potential bidders through the web form available for this purpose, and can be done over a period of 10 business days after publication of the Terms of Tendering, that is, until Monday, August 10th, 2020. After which, the Superintendence will have 15 business days to respond, beginning from the expiration date of the period to lodge consultations.

The responses will be made available to all interested parties, by way of a clarification notice that will be published in this section, without naming the authors of the consultations. Through the same document and period, the Superintendence can, in its charge, emit other clarifications, rectifications and refinements to the Terms of Tendering.