Process Commencement

The Process of Granting Casino Operating Permits formally begins with the issuance of a resolution of commencement given on the part of the Superintendence. 

The stated resolution will indicate the period and place to withdraw and download the Terms of Tendering and the date, time and place to submit the Technical and Financial Bids, scheduled for January 18th, 10 a.m at Gran Palace Hotel, Huérfanos Nº1178, Santiago District.

In addition to downloading the Terms of Tendering — which are available at no cost — these may also be requested at the offices of the Superintendence of Casinos, located at Morandé 360, 11th Floor, Santiago, for which a completed form is required for the purpose. 

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    “For all legal purposes, the official Terms of Tendering and its Annexes are the Spanish documents. The English translations are only for reference.”

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